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One of the challenges to Smartphone video makers is sharing. The quality is so high, it’d difficult to upload easily and to send a video that’s more than a few seconds long directly to your friends or get it up on YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. When I shot “The Great Escape 3” (see earlier post), I had a tough time sharing it. Luckily, apps are always being created that can come to the rescue. In this case to compress the video, making the file size smaller. You can still keep the high quality version of your film, but without video compression, sharing can be incredibly frustrating.

Video Compressor for IPhone

Video Compressor for iPhone

Here are three apps to check out, one for each operating system.    NOTE: I am NOT reviewing or endorsing any.

For the iPhone: (Video Compressor) a free app, requires IOS 8+, reduces up to 70% file size, compressions from full HD to 720p resolution.

For the Android: (Video Android Converter) from Google Play, free app, can reduce video file size to be sent even in SMS, specifies bit rate, audio bit rate, resolution, codec, etc. Can extract audio mp3 from video file, and can also compress to H.264, MP4, or MPEG codecs.

For the Windows Phone: (Video Compressor) from Windows Phone Store, free app, changes video resolution to reduce file size to allow sharing straight from device, switches from “normal” mode to “best” mode to prioritize quality over encoding speed.

I highly recommend doing a compression test before sending you fabulous video to friends. Video Compressor for iPhone offers a 99% reduction is file size, but is it then viewable? You be the judge.
And, some detailed instructions for using these compressors courtesy 7 Labs