"People ask me all the time for tips on shooting their home movies and family histories. Finally, I have the answer: Ready, Steady, Shoot.
This book has it all." — Ken Burns


Ready, Steady, Shoot

A Pro’s Guide to Smartphone Video

Ready, Steady, Shoot is an upbeat and easy to follow enhanced eBook – with videos and photos – to help you make videos for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Stories, or hanging out with friends, vacations, your kids’ activities, family get togethers, horror films or tear jerking dramas. It doesn’t matter what you’re shooting with – a smartphone, a digital still camera, or a camcorder. Ready, Steady, Shoot can help.

The 10 Shot Video® is the easy learning system I invented – short exercises you can shoot in just a few minutes.
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About the Author

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Still Photographer, Author.

Roger Sherman’s films have won an Emmy, a Peabody, a James Beard award, and two Academy Award nominations.

He’s received critical acclaim for numerous films, including In Search of Israeli CuisineThe RESTAURATEUR, Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds, the PBS American Masterpiece Alexander Calder, and Medal of Honor.

Roger’s photography has appeared in Town & Country, Saveur, Budget Travel, and Newsweek.

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