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Go Hollywood! is chapter 10 in my book. Making films is great family fun. I just returned from a vacation in Guatemala, where my brother has lived for decades. We made The Great Escape 3, a short dramatic video, starring his grandsons and appearances by the rest of the family. Of course, kids love chase scenes – they get to run around – so it’s chock full. There’s a jailbreak, escaping on an ATV, searches, hiding, and a dramatic climax.

The film is 9 minutes long and took just an hour to shoot. We made up each scene as we went along; no storyboarding, everyone made up their own dialogue. If the action in a scene was slowing down, rather than having them stop, I’d simply cut, find a new angle and begin filming again, no retakes, no interminable waiting for scenes to finish. Three scenes: tying up the prisoners, overpowering the jailer, and the martians scene, are examples. (Nothing is ever as planned, when filming children.)

NO editing was done on this film! It’s all edited in the camera, which is what the book teaches. The beginning of a few shots where my voice can be heard saying, “Action,” were trimmed.

Ten minutes after filming was complete, The Great Escape 3 was ready for primetime, uploaded for the family (and the world) to see.

You can make simple family films like this one – other ideas  are detailed in the book. Make up your own. Post them and tell us about them on Facebook.

Whether you’re making films of your family vacations, baby’s first steps, a family gathering, or a night out on the town, your films can be finished and ready to go instantly. It’s all in my book.

Ready, Steady, Shoot!