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“See the Sea Differently” is one of the bonus videos in Ready, Steady, Shoot: A Pro’s Guide to Smartphone Videos. Most videos of the ocean concentrate on breaking waves, beautiful skies, seagulls. But there are other ways to see the world.

I decided to shoot the sea mostly in close up, watching the wash of the waves, not the waves themselves, the foam, dark, wet rocks, and only show the ocean in the last shot.

As with most of these videos, they’re edited in the camera unless otherwise noted. No editing program was used to trim shots. I couldn’t resist the shot of the seagulls feeding so close to shore before I was finished, so I captured it while I could and moved to the end of the sequence. And, I wanted to get my shots just right, so a few I shot multiple times and simply deleted the ones I didn’t like. But I did NO real editing.

You can make videos like this too. My book is an easy read with embedded learning videos to get you quickly shooting like a pro. Plus, buyers get FREE, exclusive access to view dozens of other videos to learn from and get inspiration.

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See the Sea Differently