Posted on Jun 3, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on A Soap and Water World

I’ve always loved the experience of going through a car wash. Who doesn’t? But how to shoot it in a way that others will want to watch? Too often videos show exactly what everyone sees. Why bother watching? Uh, why bother even shooting it?
The secret of making a captivating film is to see the world differently.

Stuck in a seat, literally, one would think there aren’t many possibilities. Wrong. I waited for moments revealing different aspects of the process, recording long enough to hopefully wow viewers. I cut before they lose interest; we don’t want viewers looking at their watches. Abstraction is the key in a film like this, but I also wanted a few touchstones, recognizable parts of the machinery, keeping us earthbound: the first shot, almost black and white with a color framed landscape in the distance. I especially liked the neon-like sign mysteriously showing through the image. And, As usual, there are no zooms, because “zooming is death.”

What do you think?