1. 1-8-2015

    I LOVE this book, I can’t put it down. I’ve just graduated from school, and am super interested in making videos for my personal use and also to share on social media, but I can’t afford a nice big high definition camera right now. This book teaches the SKILLS and TECHNIQUE you need to shoot amazing video with whatever you have. My friends can’t believe that the videos I’ve been making have been shot on my cracked-screen, broken-home-button, old iPhone.

    The free learning videos included in this book make understanding how to shoot beautiful videos, so much easier. It’s really a quite a gift to learn how to make films from an award-winning filmmaker, just by reading an eBook! Thank you Ready Steady Shoot!

  2. 1-27-2015

    This is an amazing book. It seems almost inconceivable that serious video can be not only shot but edited with only a smartphone, but Sherman shows it’s true.

  3. 1-29-2015

    Such a worthwhile read. This book was great. Sherman goes over the do’s and dont’s of home video shooting in a way that is understandable and easy to put into effect. He presents tips and encouragements that are easy to get your head around and will make shooting on your Iphone an easier experience, with much better results. Simply a must buy, if you spend any time filming on your iphone!

  4. 11-10-2015

    Had a question for you.
    If I’m editing purely in-camera on my iphone 4S, how do I watch my sequence of shots back-to-back in-camera without taking the shots into an editing app?

    • 11-11-2015

      Thanks for the question. I’m afraid there’s no current way to link shots taken on most phones, iPhones and Droids. You must use an app. Luckily, iMovie is really easy to use right from you phone. In fact, I like it better than the computer version. Simply create a new movie, choose the style (it remembers the last one), and tap each shot you wish to download. You have to do them one at a time, I’m afraid. But I’ve make dozen shot movies in ten minutes this way.

      And, if you just want to view the shots linked together, you could open a Movie you’ve already created and download the shots into that one. The default setting between shots is a disolve, which I hate. But it’s a simple tap to choose “none” and you’ll see playback in straight cuts.

      Hope this helps.
      Happy shooting.

      • 11-11-2015

        Thanks a lot Roger, that’s very helpful.

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